GoPong 16oz Shampoo & Conditioner Stealth Flasks

Product Description

GoPong's Shampoo and Conditioner flasks look like real bottles and each hold 16oz (21 shots total) so you can sneak large amounts of alcohol almost anywhere. The bottles use a convincing design that can fool even the smartest security. Most customers will use these for sneaking alcohol onto cruises to save tons of money, but they can also be used in a variety of other situations:

  • DORMS - Where better to hide your booze than in your shower kit - no one ever looks there. WORK - Maybe your office has a shower and you get thirsty.
  • GYMS - Always great to finish off a workout with a quick drink.
  • UTAH - We have heard drinking is frowned upon in Utah, so better to hide your booze in the shower.

We also included 6 security seals, so you can 'factory seal' the bottles when packing for a cruise. Bottles are made from FDA-approved food-safe plastic. Also, check out our Sunscreen and Lotion Flasks so you can sneak booze onto the deck of your cruise. GoPong's Quality Guarantee: If there are ever any issues with your flasks, we will replace your flasks right away so you can enjoy what you paid for. Thank you for your support of GoPong.

  • CRUISES, VACATION, TRAVEL: Includes 2 convincing shampoo and conditioner flasks that hold 16oz each (32 total ounces) of your favorite drinks
  • MONEY SAVER: Pays for itself after one use, so you can save your spending money for yourself!
  • TAMPER SEALS: Includes 6 tamper 'factory seals' to pass through tough security
  • LEAK PROOF: Bottles are fitted with easy to pour snap cap to prevent leaks, just snap open and pour
  • UNIQUE GIFT: Comes retail packaged
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